Cannot compile wine fully

Pavel Troller patrol at
Mon Jul 1 14:08:08 CDT 2002

  For a longer time, I cannot build all the support suite of wine programs,
especially winehelp and winetest. It seems that there is some problem with
winetest.c: In function `xs_init':
winetest.c:158: `my_perl' undeclared (first use in this function)
winetest.c:158: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
winetest.c:158: for each function it appears in.)
winetest.c:158: warning: passing arg 3 of `Perl_newXS' from incompatible pointer type
winetest.c: In function `main':
winetest.c:178: warning: passing arg 2 of `perl_parse' from incompatible pointer type
  Normally I'm able to identify missing packages and to reinstall them, but I really
don't have any idea where to get my_perl function.
                                           With regards, Pavel Troller

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