Runing win32 Delphi applications with wine ?

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Wed Jul 3 11:21:17 CDT 2002


--- GB <guy.bobenrieth at> wrote:
> Hello list reader,
> Did people succed in trying to run Delphi
> applications with wine ???
> Well, if they didn't work we can always try to use
> kylix to get them work.
> But I suspect that we will have to go with lot of
> rewriting because of the
> type of these applications : graphical intensive
> ones.
> Any ideas about that ?

AFAIK there are no Delphi-specific issues in Wine.
I remember debugging Wine bugs in otherwise working
well applications written with Delphi.

If you have problems with Delphi applications -
proceed as usual with Wine issues.


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