Runing win32 Delphi applications with wine ?

Brad Campbell brad at
Thu Jul 4 01:16:17 CDT 2002

GB wrote:
> Hello list reader,
> Did people succed in trying to run Delphi applications with wine ???

Yes, I do it all the time.
My laptop has both the full wine cvs and win4lin installed. I run Delphi 4
under win4lin. I can then write my software using delphi, compile it up,
switch virtual windows and run it under wine to test it.

All my software is now tested under win4lin and wine. There have been some
subtle wine bugs to work around but over time they have all been fixed.
The only problem I still have related to using wine with no window manager and
focus with child windows.
Still looking into that one.
Wine's tcp and timer behaviour is much quicker and friendlier than windows :p)

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