mount problems during install

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Sat Jul 6 14:39:29 CDT 2002

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>Subject: mount problems during install
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>Date: 06 Jul 2002 15:45:12 +0200
>Hi there!

Hi Christian !

I believe all you need to do is make sure you don't execute the install
program from where the cdrom is mounted.

For example, if you've mounted the cdrom on /cdrom, and the file is install.exe,
do "wine /cdrom/./install.exe" from any location _but_ the /cdrom tree.

Doing it this way, you should be able to unmount /cdrom, insert the other
cdrom, mount it, and continue the install.

works great for me that way.

hope this helps :)

Nikolaj Raahauge |

>I'm a very confident wine user and totally pleasured except this issue:
>When trying to install a program requiring more then one cd (in this
>case Soldier of Fortune 2) the installer asks me to change the cd, but
>as linux requires to unmount cds before they can be ejected and
>unmounting is not possible even by -forcing it because of the program on
>the cd being in use.
>Is there any possibility to fix this (e.g. a workaround)?
>Thank you!
>see you,
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