David Jones gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Mon Jul 8 23:41:47 CDT 2002

Suggest installing into a directory name without 
spaces? When CDing to a directory with spaces in the 
filename, you need to enclose it in quotes. Maybe 
Wine isn't doing that, so it's looking for a directory 
called "WorPerfect". (Question, is the missing "d" in 
WordPerfect below a typo in your mail, or the actual 
directory name it's looking for?)

Your news is encouraging to me, although I have the 
native Linux version of WP8 as my Linux 
wordprocessor ... 

gnome at hawaii.rr.com

On 7 Jul 2002, at 22:13, Alvin Murphy wrote:

> I have managed to mostly install wpwin9 into fake
> windows. I freeze near the end at the "self
> registering" screen (cdrhlp90.dll),  but the install
> log seems to find everything there. But wine will not
> run WP, says cannot find wpwin9.exe.  I can find it in
> fake_windows using Nautilus; otherwise cannot get
> there by using cd since it seems to be unable to cd
> into "WorPerfect Office 2000". Does anyone have an
> idea how I can finish the install (get around the
> freeze) and/or run wpwin9.exe? 
> Thanks

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