Insufficient Disk Space error

Michael Halcrow mah69 at
Tue Jul 9 16:18:09 CDT 2002

Howdy, folks.

I searched through the Google groups, and was surprised not to find
anything that matches my problem. I've installed winex in Gentoo. The
apps start up wonderfully, but during the installation process, I get an
error about insufficient disk space. My .winex/config file contains the
following entry:

[Drive C]
"Path" = "/c"
"Type" = "hd"
"Label" = "MS-DOS"
"Filesystem" = "win95"

However, when I went to check the /c directory, no directories were
created under it by the installation program that bombed. Instead, those
directories were created in my /home directory!

So, I imagine that the "default" location for anything that goes "\my
prog\binaries" or whatever winds up going to my home directory, rather
than the "c:" drive. I am further assuming that that has something to do
with the insufficient disk space error.

Can anyone point me in the right direction here?


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