Control Panel

Derek Broughton derek_broughton at
Fri Jul 12 11:03:25 CDT 2002

From: "Sylvain Petreolle" <spetreolle at>

> correct way is :
> wine control timedate.cpl
> or
> control timedate.cpl
> (error 193 means invalid exe file)
> > wine timedate.cpl  (or wine C:/windows/system/timedate.cpl)
> >
> > fails with an error 193 and nothing in the log

Thanks a million.  It worked like a charm, except of course that I didn't
really want timedate.cpl (which only sets the clock) but intl.cpl
(regionalization/internationalization).  And intl.cpl _doesn't_ work so
easily ('no implementation for KERNEL32.dll...').  Oh well...

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