Quicken NOT working on SuSE 8.0

Steve Varadi svaradi at usa.com
Mon Jul 15 20:01:08 CDT 2002

Anybody working with Quicken on wine with SuSE 8.0??? I got trouble to using it
i.e. enter numbers in the registry.

I even update wine version to Wine 20020605. I tested on two different computer
with same SuSE 8.0 version. Both machine get same error on Quickenw:

No error on console:

vpista at sonotesz:~/.wine/fake_windows/Quickenw> wine qw.exe

Warning: wine requests its own values in windows registry.
         Please use the script 'wine_set_default_reg' to set the values.
         This warning is printed every time but the update of the registry
         is needed only once after update of wine or windows.

When I want to put a number in the checkbook registry I got the error from

Please enter an amount in the form nnnn.nn
                [ OK ]

Certainly I put numbers in above form, but it was refused. When I want to leave
the registry it warns me to save data, but invalin numbers:(( I see in the
field in RED -xxxxxx Usually I do not save this invalid data.

This way Quickenw is unusable. I never experiented this kind of problem with
Quicken. It was working more than five years for me under wine.

Could anyone give some hints what went wrong??

Best Regards: Pista  Date: 15-Jul-2002  Time: 17:16:05
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