Christian Neumair christian-neumair at
Tue Jul 16 11:04:44 CDT 2002

> Puoti, thank you for the suggestion to help.
> --- "puoti at" <puoti at> wrote:
> > I'm going to start translating into
> > italian, and hope (With
> > the hepl of a few friends) to start spainsh and
> > sweedish soon, the
> > winehq webmaster is not apparently going to support
> > us, but in any case,
> > we a starting, if anybody wants to help or wants to
> > translate into more
> > languages, just e-mail me.
> Not long time ago I started discussion about
> localization  of Wine, Wine web site and
> documentation. I have a list of people willing to work
> on this. It is great if there are more than one person
> working on the same language because this is a lot of
> work and some translation issues will definitely
> require discussion.
> Unfortunately (apologies to all the volunteers who
> suggested help) the list of responsibilities have not
> made it to yet because of extremely
> high load of the web master.
> However, we can start this process again. I can
> publish the contacts I have. Puoti, I suggest that you
> forward me contacts for volunteers you have, so all
> the information will be available in one place.
> You guys can start to work on a README file. This is
> probably a most important document, it is short, and
> we already have French translation (see documents
> directory).

I'd like to start a german translation team.
Where to put finished translations?

see you,

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