Question: Using Windows XP under Linux?

Z_God zeldario at
Tue Jul 16 16:14:52 CDT 2002

You should go to They have software to let 
Windows 95/98/ME run within Linux. Instead of emulating a complete pc, 
they use special device drivers. Currently I don't know of any way to 
run Windows XP in such a way.

Garrett Serack wrote:

> I'm curious about the feasability and possibility of using Wine as a 
> basis for running as much MS code under Linux as possible.
> Let me explain:
> Windows XP (and most of it's ilk before it) don't support remote 
> booting, that is using a diskless workstation and booting the OS from 
> the network.  Linux, of course readily provides that functionality.
> However, switching to linux is not really an option for the majority 
> of our work.. We've already got the Windows licenses anyway.
> The question is, if I used as much stuff from Windows XP as possible, 
> how complete of OS could be built?
> I was thinking about Usermode linux the other day, how it's like 
> having an OS inside of and OS, and there was also the beginnings of a 
> Line project( kinda the opposite of Wine, running Linux binaries under 
> Windows type of thing...[]), and I was 
> thinking about if it would be possible to backend Windows itself to 
> run under Linux, without requiring stuff like VMware and its kin, 
> which are not optimal uses of the native OS, IMHO.
> I'd like to get a Linux/Wine/Windows system running like this. Has 
> anyone done that? What are the big limitations? Can it be done 
> effectively?
> Anyone?
> Gar
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