Question: Using Windows XP under Linux?

Rizsanyi Zsolt rizsanyi at
Tue Jul 16 18:26:16 CDT 2002

On Tuesday 16 July 2002 23:19, Garrett Serack wrote:
> puoti at wrote:
> >You basicly can't do that, most winxp software will not run under wine,
> >wine can't use winxp dlls, vmware or win4lin are the only real solution
> >unless you try and run mandrake 8.2 and wine, this will allow you to
> >have a very easy and simple os, and a lot of win programs.
> Except, that wine *can* use native dlls.
> There's nothing stopping it, and essentially many moons ago, that was
> the only way to sccuessfully run anything under Wine was to use native
> DLLs.
> I'm not interested in a "simple to use OS"... I'm interested in using
> Linux (and a somewhat customized version at that) and using Wine, but
> with actual MS Dlls for any functionality I can.

Wine can use actual MS dlls, but till the dll separation is finished it will 
not work well enough. There were some discussion about this some time ago on 

Zsolt Rizsanyi

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