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Oliver Ob ob_ok at
Thu Jul 18 03:26:17 CDT 2002

> Hi All & Austin,
> who typed....
> It has been a while since I have tried WINE. Tell me/us, what games you
> are running & what tweaks yall made-if any?

I would like to run these applications which I have so far not 
found in the wine homepage to be supported:

Rebirth 1.0
	audio application, audio runs GOOD, but screen addressment
Rebirth 2.01
	audio application, audio runs GOOD, but screen addressment
VGA Planets Winplan 3.5
	front screen loads, but cannot play game
Planets 4
	front screen loads, but cannot play game
Incubation (Battle Isle 4)
	title loads, but no sound
688i Hunter Killer
	title loads from cd, but gets stuck on front screen,
	no sound
My versions are all registered and original so that is not sort
of a shareware restriction, but a problem of tweak options for
wine. i also stand in front of a wall when it comes to that the
audio WORKS for the sound applications, but does not for the

Hello Austin!! I am currently trying out Wine as well. The programs I
use (Rebirth and VGA Planets/Winplan) do work in part, but sort of
problem lies in the SCREEN ADDRESSING.

how should I twiddle that?


appearance of NTpassword is under native windoze:

user1   password1       info1
user2   password2       info2
user3   password3       info3
user4   password4       info4
user5   password5       info5

but under wine it is mixed up, sort of like this:

user5   password2       info1
user1   password3       info2
user2   password4       info3
user3   password5       info4
user4   password1       info5

how can i fix that? it appears to be not a program, but a wine

hope we can work this out together!

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