Lot of fixme when building font metrics

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at yahoo.fr
Mon Jun 3 02:35:53 CDT 2002

> Always in the past, these fixme messages were
> unimportant. I always had 
> lot's of them too.
Know that, but I have problems with fonts, so I look
into every direction I can.
> Just thought I would also mention that if you use
> client side font 
> rendering, there are no more cached font metrics.
> That hassle goes away. 
> Client side rendering does require very recent
> versions of libfreetype 
> and libxrender, though. And fonts look better, as a
> nice bonus.
Thanks for the info.

I uninstalled freetype-devel to know if my font
problems in wineconsole where due to freetype or not.
With freetype, I get very large fonts (5 centimeters
high) and without freetype I get a black window (which
responds to commands, though).

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