This list is empty or WHAT ?

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Thu Jun 6 15:14:19 CDT 2002

Remi BERNHARD wrote:

> Hi !
> Am I alone on this list ??? Does someone know a more prolific list for 
> Wine end users ?
> Regards,
>     Remi.
> _______________________________________________
> wine-users mailing list
> wine-users at
At one time this was a gateway to 
newsgroup and this list and the NG were one in the same but that link 
has been broken for a while. was the 
original place for users to report bugs  but bug tracking has been moved 
to bugzilla at  I would say that the NG is less 
dead than this list but if you want something fixed than report it to 

Tony Lambregts

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