Getting at the "default Windows short date"

Simon Taylor simon at
Wed Jun 12 00:30:36 CDT 2002

I've had some great success with wine recently, but am a little unsure about  
the best way to attack this problem.

I want to run an accounting program called Cash Flow Manager under wine.
(As it happens, this program is our last dependency on Windows apps in our 
office, everything else is and RH Linux).

When I run the application:

    wine /c/Program\ Files/CashflowGST/CASHFLOWGST.exe

I get a popup window with:

    Cashflow Manager requires the default Windows short date 
    format for your selected language.
    Your currently selected short date format does not match the
    Windows default. You will need to
    select the default Windows Short Date format before

On the Windows 2000 machine, the so called short date in
"Settings/Control Panel/Regional Options/Date", is:


and I suspect that I need to make this same entry in my wine environment, 
(perhaps in system.reg?), but where do I start? 

Any pointers gratefully received.


Simon Taylor
Unisolve Pty Ltd - Melbourne, Australia
+61 3 9568 2005

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