problem installing WINE on Mandrake v8.2 - confirm with textutils

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Wed Jun 12 22:44:39 CDT 2002

> Never used Mandrake, but can suggest you a different
> approach - install from source. In fact it is not
> much
> more difficult than installing from rpms. Just
> follow
> instructions in the README file. Don't forget to
> uninstall any old Wine versions!
Note that source will ask for the same dependencies
-only if they are really needed.

Josh, could you give the location of the wine package 
and the list of unsatisfied dependancies ?

I checked the contents of textutils on
with various distros - they all install

where is (wine) expand installed when compiled from
CVS source by default (perhaps /usr/local/bin?)

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