win32 console cli emulation

Chris rtschrisp at
Thu Jun 13 02:46:08 CDT 2002


	I am a new wine user, and im hoping you could let me know if what I want to
do is possible with wine.

I have a win32 console application (I would assume since it does not run in
DOS mode). This application will read in a text file, find what its looking
for, process it, and creates another file(s) from that (just to give you an
idea of what the program does). What I would like to do is use wine to do
the win32 console emulation, but I will not be running XWindows or have
windows installed on another partition (I only have room on my second HD and
the windows 98 setup wants it on the primary, any suggestions?)  Is this
feasible using wine? I have searched the web and the wine docs but could not
find a reasonable answer. Please keep in mind that I am brand new to wine
and as much info/pointers/web site's would be GREATLY appreciated.

- Chris

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