need some help

Gabriele Conti contigab at
Thu Jun 13 14:26:58 CDT 2002

Hi to everyone,
I am currently trying to use VST DLL plugins from inside Audacity, an audio 
program developed under Linux. I am trying to use WINE to make the DLL work. 
Unfortunately, when I do inside the routine

HANDLE a = LoadLibrary ("mylib.dll");
HANDLE = a = LoadLibraryA ("my.dll");

i get the error:

err:heap:HEAP_GetPtr Invalid heap 00000000!

Does anyone know why it works like that? I don't know how to use WINE a lot 
but the program compiles and works correctly (of course, not the part about 
VST plugins)
Please, if anybody has an idea, let me know...
contigab at

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