BadAlloc on certain X servers

Duane Clark dclark at
Fri Jun 14 10:46:45 CDT 2002

Ole Wolf wrote:
> I tried to post this to, but there were
> no replies.  I realize this is partly covered on the Codeweavers web
> site, but I'm not sure whether the discussions there apply to my
> problem, and I wasn't able to find a solution by Googleing around
> either.  So here it goes.  I'll start with a little explanation, but it
> may be possible to just skip down to the "***" marked section.
> When I start Wine on my RedHat 7.3 machine running XFree86, Wine works
> fine.  On the first run, it makes a few complaints about certain fonts
> not working correctly, but on subsequent runs it doesn't complain and
> Windows applications seem to be working as expected.

If you set up wine for "client side" rendering, then it does not use 
xfs, there is no cache, and I think these problems might go away. RH7.3 
has all the support, which basically is a very recent version of 
libXrender, and you also need a current (post april) version of wine.

To get wine to use client side rendering, it just needs a directory 
C:\windows\fonts with a bunch of TT fonts in it. I suspect there is a 
way to tell wine to look at another directory, but I don't know what 
that is. You can get these fonts from a real windows install. Or 
download a bunch from here:

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