Applications (mostly sound) and wine

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Mon Jun 17 11:38:46 CDT 2002

--- Oliver Ob <ob_ok at> wrote:
> Hi mates,
> has anyone successfully been working with
> VGA Planets (D0S)
> WinPlan (Win 9x)
> Planets 4 (Win 9x)
> Rebirth 338/Steinberg (Win 9x)
> Cool Edit 2000 (Win 9x)
> so far?
> I am new to Wine, so did you have to change
> settings?

Oliver, in case you won't get feedback for some of the
applications you listed try them yourself.
Post requests for help here and bug reports on (I promise, you'll find some
Wine bugs ;-).

Usually if an application works it works with default
settings.These documents may help you:


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