wine on non-x86 architectures (presumably silly question)

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at
Tue Jun 18 11:35:02 CDT 2002

--- Frank Joerdens <frank at> wrote:
> I wouldn't think it's possible but I'd like to know
> (with an
> explanation, if possible): Can you run win32 apps
> with wine on non-x86
> computers, e.g. under LinuxPPC?
> I guess not, but I wouldn't be able to give a clear
> explanation as to
> why.

It's possible to port Wine as Winelib to non-x86
platfoms and even some work is being done. This topic
is discussed from time to time. If you are interested
you will be able to find these discussions in the Wine
archive. Search for "PowerPC" and "Sparc" keywords.

Also, there is a bug open for PowerPC port:


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