(Demo CD available) Has anyone tested AutoCad 2000 with any recent wine ?

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 18 13:07:13 CDT 2002

--- keith frost <pfrostie at yahoo.com> wrote:
> thanks.
> i've already sent off for the demo, but understand
> i've got a stack of demos ahead of it already. 
> widows
> versions of cadkey, catia, ashlar/velum and some
> others.  i've been back tracking to find a mouse
> problem when running intellicad with recent version
> of
> wine.  i had deleted the older(working) tar balls of
> wine and now i'm wishing i hadn't.

Keith, according to your message you did not have the
mouse problem for older versions of Wine, right?

I can advise you to install CVS version of Wine and do
a regression testing to find a patch which broke the
I consider setting up CVS Wine relatively easy with
the documentation we have:
You may want to backup your existing Wine
configuration and Windows tree and work with default

How to do a regression testing is described here:
Regression testing is a very efficient and relatively
easy way to help Wine developers to locate bugs.

It would be also great if you submitted a bug report
to Bugzilla and published your findings there. Publish
the bug number here, in the discussion and everybody
interested can participate or track the bug research.

Feel free to ask for help.

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