Printing via Wine

Nate Custer gncuster at
Tue Jun 18 16:21:44 CDT 2002

Hi all,

I am working hard at moving all of my desktop to windows. Two apps I
have yet to find good replacements for are a CD Label program (CD
Stomper) and DeLorme STreet Atlas 6. Both install fine and seem to work
great. Except when it comes to printing. We have three printers, a large
networked ps printer, and two hp's. We use lpr and have all three
working with no issues in linux. 

We followed the wine user guide, and setup port redirects to our lpr
ques. We added ppd lines for all three of the printers. The three
printer showed up in CD Stomper but any atempt to print through them
resulted in an error, claiming we were out of memory or disk space.
Street Atlas could not find any printers at all. 

Can anyone point me to better documentation? It seems strange there was
no need to specify which ppd/printer went to each port/spool.

thanks much,


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