using lotusnotes r5 client on redhat 7.3 with wine 20020411

Pedro Restrepo pedrores at
Fri Jun 21 22:23:02 CDT 2002

Hi Volker,

I had the same problem (under Mandrake, but the point is equal).

The problem is that you do not have TimeZone entries in your fake
Windows Registry.

I solved the problem adding these entries in the file system.reg.

The values (taken from a real Windows Registry) are like these:



"StandardName"="Hr. estándar del Pacífico de SA"
"DaylightName"="Hr. de ver. del Pacífico de SA"

(you must convert to the format used in SYSTEM.REG, with two //, etc).

Now I have several machines running Lotus Notes client 5.09 prefectly.

I hope this helps you.

By the way, another problem I had is the use of the MSVCRT.DLL. You must
use it NATIVE.

Pedro Restrepo

volker_schuetz at wrote:

> i have a problem with wine, version 20020411
> and lotus notes r5.
> i'm starting wine notes.exe and the install routine
> is going on. after input user - id and authentification on id,
> the wine session halted by "please give me your timezone".
> but i can't select a timezone :-))
> i can't leave this window, i must skip on terminal the wine session
> with ctrl+c.
> is this a well-known problem ?
> thanks for your help
> volker
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