rhinoceros 2.0

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 23 15:02:22 CDT 2002

To port an application to Linux with Winelib you need
the program text.

--- Walter White <walterjwhite at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I have tried but have had limited success.  When you
> refer to sources, you 
> mean executables and all libraries (dlls) correct?

No, under sources I mean original text of the program.
To port the application to Linux you need to recompile
this text with Wine libraries. You can run the
application only with Wine if you have only binaries.

Please, if you refer to my message, quote the relevant
part of the message. It will be easier for me to
respond you.

> I have done this but 
> cannot run make.    When you say that I must take
> windows' libraries and run 
> them against wine's I do not know how to go about
> doing that. Also, 
> rhinoceros is an mfc based program, so does that
> mean that there will be 
> less support for it with wine?

Yes, MFC creates additional problems while porting
applications, but these problems can be resolved.

Did you check out the documentation I referred you to?


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