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Mon Jun 24 17:02:30 CDT 2002

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> I am struggling with the simplest thing, I think! I am starting with a fresh config file from the 20020605 wine distro and trying to get the ARS Remedy User win32 based software running. Part way through the install it tell me I need to install "Winsock 2". By this I am assuming it is looking for the 32-bit winsock Dll's, wsock32.dll * ws2_32.dll. I have tried many variations of wsock32, ws2_32 & winsock in the DllOveride section all as "builtin" and I  am using the "--debugmsg +loaddll" on the commandline but do not see the .dll being loaded.
> What the heck am I doing wrong? Why can't I see the winsock dll being loaded via the debugger?
> Any help is appriciated.
> /Bob

If the app does library ops (LoadLibrary and friends), the results are
as configured.  Some apps try to do file operations on what they think
is the filename of the dll (which won't show in +loaddll) and you just
might have to put a file there by the name it is looking for.  For some
apps, it is enough to put an empty file, some other apps are more fussy
and it may be easier to put a real native dll.  For winsock and friends,
you definitely want to _use_ wine's builtin ones; winsocks are
implemented using sockets on the underlying *nix (linux, usually) OS, so
if you want network access using winsocks, the *nix system must be
connected in its own right.

maybe --debugmsg +file will show what it looks for.


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