Notes 6

Robert Claeson robert at
Fri Jun 28 15:02:25 CDT 2002

I'm running the Notes 5.0.10 client successfully, and even the admin
client works now. However, as we plan to migrate to Notes 6 later this
summer, I've started testing it under Wine. It works - sort of. The
client comes up and I can work with it. Buttons and several other
bitmaps are next to unreadable, and becomes even more so once I moves
the cursor over them. Dialogs is what breaks it, though. The dialogs
(such as user preferences) comes up, and I can work with them, but once
I click "OK", Notes 6 hangs, and after a number of seconds the client
crashes. As far as I can tell, it happens every time I close a dialog.

Has anyboy investigated this further? Is there an easy fix for it?


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