Miklos Bagi Jr. joschy at
Fri Mar 1 05:18:51 CST 2002


I'm just getting fimiliar with wine, so I'm a newbie and need some help ;o)

wine went up correctly, no errors, no claims, etc. It starts some windows / 
dos software with no problem, but sometimes it asks for certain dll files, 
for example: OpenGL32.dll, kernel32.dll, etc., so I've got stuck for a while.
...decided to check the docs for info, and finally found winelauncher which 
gives me a 'nice' gui, but I am unable to use the configure wine function. It 
looks for some kind of winesetup in /opt/wine, which I don't have.

Do you have any idea what could be the problem?

Cheerz: MBJr.

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