Absolute Newbie.

Kevin Lawton K-Lawton at versatel.nl
Fri Mar 1 06:27:53 CST 2002

I must confess to being an absolute newbie to wine - except for having
followed the content of the mailing lists for a while. 
I would quite like to get involved with the project, and would prefer a
testing-oriented or documentation role if there was a need for such. 
What I'd like to know at this point, if anyone would tell me, is where
exactly is the wine project up to in terms of having a system which actually
works to a greater or lesser extent ? 
I guess it would make sense for me to start with an install of the current /
latest version. I currently run Mandrake Linux 8.0, but also have most
versions of Windoze available (except XP). Do instructions exist for going
from a scratch Linux installation to a working (?) install of wine ? Have
lists of suitable hardware / software been put together ? If so, how do I
get at them ?  If not, I guess it would make sense for me to offer to be
involved in writing them ? 
I'd really like to help and be involved, but first I need to get started !
Would anyone be prepared to guide a Wine newbie through their initial steps
up to the point where they might be able to do something of use to the
project ?  
My apologies if I have directed this to the wrong list - maybe someone could
help me out with that as well ! 

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dirk at gratiz.be (dirk) writes:

> but why doesn't explorer works?? 
When Explorer runs, it tries to do all kinds of poorly-documented
low-level things -- things that are important for Windows to run
properly, but things Wine is unlikely to be able to handle.  You can
get a rough idea of some of the things Explorer does by messing around
with LiteStep for a while and noticing what is different or just plain
doesn't work right.  Alternately, you can take my word for it that the
little windows you see showing directories and files are only a very
small part of what Explorer does.

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