theoretical question

phrostie pfrostie at
Fri Mar 1 08:00:23 CST 2002

is this setup.exe for an application or to install the OS?
in the end i think that you will find that windows will try to take control 
of your box durring the installation and a conflict will occur.
it might be posible, but what would be the advantage?
if you want to install windows on your computer then boot the installation CD 
and install it.

are you trying to install windows onto a journalling file system?
that might be fun, but i would not try it on a box that i use for work.
i'd setup a second machine to play with.

On Thursday 28 February 2002 21:55, you wrote:
> but if windows setup.exe is just a Win32 API program, then 'theoretically'
> wine should be able to run it, and hence install windows under wine.
> Phil

Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of DOS,
and danced the skies on Linux silvered wings.

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