Absolute Newbie.

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 1 08:16:09 CST 2002

Hi Kevin,
--- Kevin Lawton <K-Lawton at versatel.nl> wrote:
> I must confess to being an absolute newbie to wine

You are forgiven :-)

> I would quite like to get involved with the project,
> and would prefer a
> testing-oriented or documentation role if there was
> a need for such. 

Huge need! Let me know right away if you have nothing
to do!

> What I'd like to know at this point, if anyone would
> tell me, is where
> exactly is the wine project up to in terms of having
> a system which actually
> works to a greater or lesser extent ? 

Wine is in good place in these terms. Wine actually
works very well, but Windows applications under Wine -
not always ;-) Seriously - it is still alpha software.

> I guess it would make sense for me to start with an
> install of the current /
> latest version. I currently run Mandrake Linux 8.0,
> but also have most
> versions of Windoze available (except XP).

You have everything needed to start.

> Do instructions exist for going
> from a scratch Linux installation to a working (?)
> install of wine ? Have
> lists of suitable hardware / software been put
> together ? If so, how do I
> get at them ?  If not, I guess it would make sense
> for me to offer to be
> involved in writing them ?
> I'd really like to help and be involved, but first I
> need to get started !
> Would anyone be prepared to guide a Wine newbie
> through their initial steps
> up to the point where they might be able to do
> something of use to the
> project ?  

Yes on all these questions! www.winehq.com has a good
set of documentation about this. Of course, you are
welcome to make it even better!

I recommend you to get access to Wine CVS.Compilation
and installation from source is not very difficult.
Do not forget to uninstall existing versions if you
have any. 

> My apologies if I have directed this to the wrong
> list - maybe someone could
> help me out with that as well ! 

You are right in the place. Let me know when you
finished with installation and configuration!

See you later,
Andriy Palamarchuk

PS. Read also this article:
"How to Ask Smart Questions"
and general rules of Netiquette.

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