Absolute Newbie where is the executable Wine

Bob Gustafson bobgus at mcs.com
Fri Mar 1 10:37:04 CST 2002

Earlier today  =?Windows-1252?Q?Ole-Jacob_Gr=F8nvold?= <olejagro at start.no>
>I am using redhat 7.2 Ximian Gnome
>I used red carpet to install Wine
>and just followed the procedure of the carpet.
>Now  the system just can find the wine command - so I can't even try wine.
>Anyone knows where the wine executable file sits on an average system?
>Greatefull for any help

When I am faced with problems like this, I first do the command

   which wine

This will tell whether the 'wine' executable is somewhere in the PATH that
your shell knows about.

This is probably not your problem, so why not search for everything
wine-related. You can do this with find as:

 First login as root (so the find can look everywhere)

   find / -name wine\* -print

This will start at the root directory ('/') and will find every file and
directory which starts with the four letters 'wine'  The backslash is
necessary because the shell does funny things with '*' and the '\' tells it
to just pass it to the program (find).

Hope this helps


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