SystemParamtersInfoA Unknown Action: 4104

Andreas Mohr Usenet 10/01 a31dgo001 at
Fri Mar 1 10:36:26 CST 2002

Andriy Palamarchuk <apa3a at> wrote:
> avid.Goodenough at wrote:
>> I have just tried to fire up MindManager under Wine.
>  It installed cleanly
>> (as far as I can tell) and successfully created an
> icon on my KDE desktop..
>> When I try to run it however, it first complains
> about a fixme in
>> CreateAcceleratorTableA, which I think I understand,
> and then hits another
>> fixme in SystemParamertersInfoA from which it asked
> for action 4104.


> David, usually the SystemParametersInfo FIXME messages
> are not dangerous. I saw action numbers > 4000 before.
> Does anybody have documentation or Microsoft header
> files which mention these actions?
> I'm curious about them.
4104 is 0x1008 is
#define SPI_GETGRADIENTCAPTIONS             0x1008

I'll mail you a complete list of defines.

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