UI regression

Jon Piesing jon at prldotresearchdotphilips.com
Fri Mar 1 11:57:09 CST 2002


Earlier this year I "upgraded" from wine 20010510 to 20011226 in order
to see if some kind of resource leak was fixed which caused screen 
redraws to get progressively slower and slower and slower and slower, ....

That was fixed but there seemed to be a significant number of graphics
and UI regressions. I've just upgraded to 20020228 to see if things
were any better and within 5 minutes I've hit one of the ones I saw before.

In this case, screen re-draw works except for scroll-bars which are not
drawn at all. If I look at the xterm where I start wine, I just see the
same error message being printed over & over again ...

err:msg:DispatchMessageA BeginPaint not called on WM_PAINT for hwnd 2002e!

The application is a run-time version of the FileMaker Pro database.

The Linux version is a Suse 7.0 upgraded piecemeal.

It's relatively re-producable so I can turn on the appropriate debug
messages if someone can advise what they are.



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