United Devices

Frank Reich HoshiFR at gmx.net
Sat Mar 2 19:23:49 CST 2002


Does somebody here know that research project United Devices where 
molecules are testet of their interaction with proteins that are 
included in the growth of cancer?

Well, there's a nice Windows-program you can use for that, but nothing 
else - there's no software so you can take part of that research running 
under Linux.

Today I tried to get it run with WinE. But I failed.
In the X-Terminal where I called the EXE-file (UD.EXE) I'm told that 
there's a failure in memory access. In the README-file which was 
included in the wine-tar.gz-package I read something of "make sure you 
can access /dev/mem". How should I do that??? I cannot change owner or 
group of that file. And I don't want to run UD.EXE as root, I want to 
run it as "normal" user.

Something strange:
As I mentioned there is somehow a memory access failure, but a tiny 
little window is opened named "Wine-Systray" - one can only see the 
menubar and the mouse-cursor disappears when moving across it.
That's maybe because when this program is startet under Windows it first 
appears only in the systray.

Can somebody help me to fix the whole thing?
I should mention that I'm still new to Linux and I'm glad that I managed 
to run Solitaire under Linux by WinE.

Thanks for everything helpful.


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