CAD on wine - some almost useable, others not at all...

Bob Gustafson bobgus at
Fri Mar 1 17:03:47 CST 2002

I'm trying to get IntelliCAD 2000 up on my RH 7.2

I compiled and installed the latest wine sources


I'm using a ~/.wine directory which was created from a wine which was
installed from a binary rpm


This wine will run 123FreeSolitaire.exe
When I do 'which wine', it points to a file with today's date.


I downloaded and did the setupIcad.exe and it created a bunch of files
including the file db.dll

When I try to run Intellicad using the command:

  wine icad.exe

It has a problem finding the file db.dll (which is in the same directory as

I copied the db.dll file to the Windows/System directory and tried again.

Still the same could not find message.

Then I tried the command line options

  wine -dll db=n icad.exe

Still the same error message.

Any clues for this unfortunate?

Thanks for your time


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