CAD on wine - some almost useable, others not at all...

Stefan Leichter Stefan.Leichter at
Sun Mar 3 07:37:10 CST 2002

Bob Gustafson wrote:

> I'm trying to get IntelliCAD 2000 up on my RH 7.2
> I compiled and installed the latest wine sources
>    wine-20020106-1.src.rpm
> I'm using a ~/.wine directory which was created from a wine which was
> installed from a binary rpm
>   wine-20020106-1.i386.rpm

The latest snapshort is Wine-20020228.tar.gz !

> This wine will run 123FreeSolitaire.exe
> When I do 'which wine', it points to a file with today's date.
> =====
> I downloaded and did the setupIcad.exe and it created a bunch of files
> including the file db.dll
> When I try to run Intellicad using the command:
>   wine icad.exe
> It has a problem finding the file db.dll (which is in the same directory
> as icad.exe)

I assume the problem is not the db.dll. The problem is another dll which is 
required to load db.dll. Check the output on the console where your run 
wine. Another option is to redirect the console output into a file and 
check the file content e.g.:

        wine icad.exe > icad.log 2>&1


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