CAD on wine - some almost useable, others not at all...

Karlheinz Boehme k.boehme at
Sun Mar 3 09:30:09 CST 2002

Hi Phrostie,

On Samstag, 23. Februar 2002 03:37 phrostie wrote:

> If you are a long time Autocad user i would really suggest looking into 
> Intellicad( on Wine.  it's not bad!   you can still get 
> copies of icad2000. it seems to work best (the next icad2001 should run
> on  wine).  i've got a mini-how-to for what i did to get it working.
> let me know if i can help.
> always willing to confuse
I'm just about porting our AutoCad application to IntelliCAD.
Si I'm highly interested in how to get IC running on Linux.
Can you please mail me your mini howto.

Thanks in advance
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