United Devices

Frank Reich HoshiFR at gmx.net
Sun Mar 3 15:51:07 CST 2002


phrostie wrote:

> here's a less generalized link.
> http://SAL.KachinaTech.COM/Z/2/

Thanks for your attempt to help. But I don't know anything of 
molecule-modelling things. I just want to use s specific software that 
already does everything all alone. I just have to run it. It's like the 
SETI-project but has much more sense :-)

Anyway, I fixed all problems today. It runs quite stabil and sometimes 
causes some failure-messages. But if it's a bit behaving like crashed 
you close and restart it and it works fine again and it continues its work.

The rest of the time one should let this program (UD-Agent) alone. 
That's the best one can do - so it probably won't crash.

Now a call to everyone who has the same problem like I had. Whoever 
wants to run United Devices under Linux with WinE I can tell you how you 
can configure it.


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