startup problems SHRegGetUSValueA (0x403d78)

Duane Clark junkmail at
Sun Mar 3 17:55:55 CST 2002

gunter wrote:
> I'm having problems to start up wines
> I get an error fixme:dhell:SHRegGetUSValueA (0x403d78),stub!
> and then a delay and a line that looks ike this
> err:ntdll:RtlWaitForCriticalSelection timeout
> I run mandrake 8.1 I ran che winecheck utility and there were no errors
> I also have the ATI all in wonder  and try to start win98 in wine.
> Does anybody successful run Wine with ATI all in wonder cards?

You can't run win98 in wine (well some have apparently tried, but they 
are more experienced and are gluttons for punishment). In fact, you 
don't even need Windows. That is the great thing about wine!

You use wine to run Windows programs, like:

wine /c/Program\ Files/Accessories/wordpad.exe

Assuming of course that you have wordpad in that location.

Go back and reread the docs, keeping in mind that you are not running 
Windows, and they will probably make more sense this time.

My real email is at dclark (or something like that).

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