Wine / WineX and Monkey4 in OpenGL

Patrick Buedi buedi_noxspam at
Mon Mar 4 05:58:44 CST 2002

Hi all,

thanks to you all who helped me a few threads above,
I compiled and installed wine / winex on my PC and tried to get
Monkey4 running. Installation was no problem, but when I try to run
the Monkey4.exe I get the error message, that the opengl32.dll is
missing. Shouldn´t OpenGL be emulated by wine itself?
I use SuSE 7.3 and the latest CVS from winex. It doesn´t matter if I
run the Monkey4.exe with -- -gl or without... I get the same error
message :-/
I tried to copy my opengl32.dll from Windows to my Laptop with
Linux... but then it wants a kernel32.dll, gdi32.dll and so on. A
neverending story :-/

cu... buedi!


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