MOHAA or Ghostrcom wine install tips

knochestolle knochestolle at
Mon Mar 4 10:30:50 CST 2002

sharaz at (Jonathan Horne) wrote in message news:<64b8df74.0203020838.d5f0979 at>...
> does anyone have tips for installing or had success installing Medal
> of Honor or GhostRecon to run in wine?
> i have a working wine install, as it runs and accelerates half-life
> (and CS) just perfectly.  im running rh7.2 with 20020228.  when i try
> to install these , i get a cannot invoke iKernel.exe error (pertaining
> to install shield i believe).
> any help is greatly appreciated!!
> thanks,
> Jonathan

Hi Jonathan,

I had the same problem and finally i decided to install it on a
Windows PC and copy the whole MOHAA Directory on my Linux PC, the
setup program of MOHAA does not seem to work under wine.
The game seems to function fine under wine, the intro and the menu
runs without any errors, but when I start the first single player
mission, it chrashes directly when i jump out of the truck and turn
around. First I thought, that this had something to do with direct
sound, but after hours of searching i believe that something is wrong
with dinput. The Problem can be reproduced with mouse and keyboard by
tourning to left or right.
Eventually you can find a solution for this problem, so far.


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