String Resources & Popup Problem

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Mon Mar 4 11:19:30 CST 2002

Ok, that's done. 
Now after this the should compile and run :
in En.rc MAIN_MENU is defined now like this :

 POPUP "&File" {
  MENUITEM "&New...", 0x100

En.rc is included by #include "En.rc" in rsrc.rc.

And gcc complies about it when compiling :
[syl at snoop notepad]$ make
gcc -c -I. -I. -I../../include -I../../include  -g -O2
-Wall -mpreferred-stack-boundary=2 -fPIC -DSTRICT
-I/usr/X11R6/include -o language.o language.c
language.c: In function `LANGUAGE_LoadMenus':
language.c:98: `MAIN_MENU' undeclared (first use in
this function)

> I would recommend to have a look at
> dlls/user/resources/user32.rc,
> user32_xx.rc and try to use the same approach for
> notepad.
> I.e. separate all language resources to different
> files and create
> in that files complete menus, string tables, etc. It
> is a much
> more clean way IMHO and will eliminate all current
> headaches
> to try maintain string tables for different
> languages and resource
> files which actually make use of that string tables
> in a sane way.

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