String Resources & Popup Problem

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at
Mon Mar 4 12:38:24 CST 2002

> First - to your question. 
> MAIN_MENU is a name of the resource. If you have
> this
> name, defined in a header file, included in the rc
> file, like #define MAIN_MENU 100, then resource
> compiler identifies the resource as number 100. 

You're perfectly right ! I just forgot this one (duh
me !!)

> Wine notepad used complex macros to generate the
> numbers to identify the resources. Currently each
> resource file starts with definition of LANGUAGE_ID,
> LANGUAGE_NUMBER and then these defines are used to
> generate resources number ids and resource names.
> Try
> to trace how this works.
> Dimitry's and my idea was to remove all this complex
> macro processing, but instead specify language in
> the
> resources. Wine will load resources, basing on
> language and resource id.
That's exactly what I've done this day !
I removed all the macros system
and I've just used numbers to refer to strings.
Like as in user32 code (thanks to Dimi's suggestion),
all menus are defined entierely in separate files.

Now the only thing we have to do when translating is
to copy the En.rc and change the LANG_ENGLISH
When it will compile and run (I'm rewriting the
LoadMenus fonctions, was LANGUAGE_SelectByNumber),
I will then rewrite the other ??.rc files that are
currently in wine.

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