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In, Jeremy Newman
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on 28 Feb 2002 11:00:49 -0600
<1014915651.30085.33.camel at jnewman>:
> will be moving to a new home in Minnesota. We are trying
> to make this move as seamless as possible, but we can't guarantee that
> there will not be any downtime. I will post another message to the
> mailing lists when I have a more definite time of shutdown of the old
> server.
> WILL be on-line for Web, FTP and CVS access. The area
> that could have the longest downtime is the mailing lists. 
> Once the transfer is complete,,, and
> will be one and the same site.
> If you run a mirror of please contact me to make arrangements
> for access.
> Further questions can be directed my was as well.

OK, but will your "was" be the same as your "is" and "will be"? :-)

In any event, good luck on the move.

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