Newies Q: Getting Started With Wine On Red Hat 7.2

Robert Gray rgbs at
Mon Mar 4 16:50:33 CST 2002

In article <3C7E8643.5020106 at>, "Duane Clark"
<junkmail at> wrote:

> Craig Bennett wrote:
>>>I tried "winesetup" but it doesn't appear to exist.
>>>Can anyone point to where I could read about this issue to get wine
>> I had the same problems. I downloaded a different version from winehq
>> and compiled that one. Worked like a charm..  created the winesetup
>> too.
> I agree, you should avoid using the wine that comes with RH 7.2, since
> it is pretty old. To prevent potential problems, you probably want to
> uninstall the Redhat version first before installing another one.
> # rpm -e package-name (I forget what that is).
There is a thread in the mandrake newbie user group regarding the version
of wine in Mandrake 8.1 being broken and giving the same advice


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