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:Thanks for answering: Lots of stuff is not happening:

I can answer some of your issues, but not all of them. Perhaps someone
else in the group can add to my response.

:Invoking /opt/wine/bin/wine.bin /data/data/of3/n/nb.exe ... Warning:
:unprotecting the first 64KB of memory to allow real-mode calls.
:         NULL pointer accesses will no longer be caught.

The above are nomal informational messages, and do not indicate anything


This message is harmless, and seems to have gone away in later releases.

:err:int:INT_Int1aHandler int1a: unknown/not implemented parameters:
:int1a: AX 3524, BX 0090, CX 0000, DX f07c, SI 0002, DI 0404, DS 2e1b, ES

I don't know what this function is, and can not find it in any of my
references. If you typed the register values yourself, please check them
against the actual message. Otherwise, I am completely at a loss.

:fixme:int10:INT_Int10Handler Get Font Information - Not Supported

This is a request for a pointer to a built-in font, and no one has written
the wine code to support it. Maybe it can be ignored, and maybe not.

:fixme:int10:INT_Int10Handler Unknown - 0xfe
:err:int10:INT_Int10Handler int10: unknown/not implemented parameters:
:int10: AX fe03, BX b800, CX 0000, DX 0000, SI 0002, DI 0000, DS 10dc, ES

This is a request to find out if the logical address to write to the
screen has been changed. It should be safe to ignore this error.

:If I try to run the command "" I am told that I have the 
:wrong msdos version????

This can be fixed by using the --dosver and --winver parameters, as
described in the 'man wine' page, but that will not solve any of the
problems described above.

In summary, nb.exe seems to require one or more functions which wine does
not yet support. If you are a programmer, then I could give you a few
pointers on how to fix this, but otherwise, there is not much you can do.

-- Chuck Crayne
ccrayne at

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