SV: SV: Can a dos box be started in Wine

Ole-Jacob Grønvold olejagro at
Tue Mar 5 01:35:46 CST 2002

Thanks for your patience:

:err:int:INT_Int1aHandler int1a: unknown/not implemented parameters:
:int1a: AX 3524, BX 0090, CX 0000, DX f07c, SI 0002, DI 0404, DS 2e1b, ES

:I don't know what this function is, and can not find it in any of my
:references. If you typed the register values yourself, please check them
:against the actual message. Otherwise, I am completely at a loss.

No sadly I pasted them to from the error message into this mail.

:In summary, nb.exe seems to require one or more functions which wine does
:not yet support. If you are a programmer, then I could give you a few
:pointers on how to fix this, but otherwise, there is not much you can do.

No I am not a programmer - so may be I  should go back to dosemu again  -
and see if I can make it now.
But thanks anyway!


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