BSD installation - third question - fixme messages

Duane Clark junkmail at
Tue Mar 5 12:54:29 CST 2002

Alex Volkov wrote:
> Hi guys!
> This newsgroup is much more helpfull then reading help files (is it about my
> lazyness?) so I have another SOLID question
> Don't want to spam usenet with particular fixme:**** error questions - lets
> put this situation in more common way:
> Where is a good source (link? help page? news archive?) where majority of
> fixme messages is listed with answers and recomendations what to do to fix
> it

I dont think that info exists:-)

> Is it any common source available at all? I am getting so much various fixme
> messages (remember - my wine installed manually under BSD where wineinstall
> does not work, so I probably encounter more errors then average user) so I
> would be happy to just sit and research souch source to find all my answers

That probably makes no difference. Many fixmes are basically harmless, 
but if you want to try to fix it, then here is where to find it. When a 
fixme says something like:

fixme:commctrl:FlatSB_SetScrollProp stub

Go to

Enter FlatSB_SetScrollProp into the Identifier box, and it will tell you 
where the function is. Take a look at the function and start coding:-)

My real email is at dclark (or something like that).

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