Having trouble getting winedbg to be invoked, trying to run sol.exe

Duane Clark junkmail at junkmail.com
Tue Mar 5 13:26:26 CST 2002

Jonadab the Unsightly One wrote:
> Saaaayyyy....  wine.conf looks a LOT like a REG file...
> but it says in a comment that all keys are relative to
> \\Machine\\Software\\Wine\\Wine\\Config
> whereas the key that the developer's guide seems to indicate I should 
> set is outside that tree,
> in \\Machine\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\Current Version\\AeDebug
> Is that right even though I don't have NT?  Is there something special
> I can do in wine.conf to set the key so that winedbg will be invoked?

wine.conf? This is pretty old. I don't think wine.conf has been used for 
awhile. I for one can't remember that far back :-) so I would suggest an 
upgrade! I think everyone here would prefer not to try to fix bugs that 
have already been fixed.

Currently, the registry entry for the debugger is in the file 
~.wine/system.reg and looks like this:

[Software\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\AeDebug] 1012756936
"Debugger"="/usr/local/bin/winedbg %ld %ld"

You need to change the path to point to the actual location of the 
debugger. This is required *in addition* to the path needing to be a 
valid path in the wine config file ~.wine/config.

> Can I just boot Windows and set the key with regedit?

Yes, that works. But editing the files with a plain old text editor 
seems easier.
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